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Model: idx_FXP539247
1000 was created in 1972 after 10 years of careful blending and perfecting by the great Jean Patou perfumer, Jean Kerleo. This was first introduced as a true haute couture fragrance; made to order upon request. 1000 was named for the thousand different submissions that were made and rejected befor..
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Model: idx_FXP544485
Part of a botanical series of scents by Acqua Di Parma, 4711 Acqua Colonia Saffron & Iris is a deliciously soothing floral fragrance that’s perfect for spring and autumn daytime wear. The scent opens with shimmering tones of powdery yet delicately earthy iris and hints of spice. Warm saffron and l..
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Agent Provocateur Aphrodisiaque by Agent Provocateur Eau De Parfum Spray 2.7 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP538027
Agent Provacateur Aphrodisiaque was launched in 2017 by Agent Provacateur, a brand known for its high-end lingerie. This sensual perfume starts with the sweet, fruity notes of jasmine, blackberry, and white pepper. The heart notes include warm vanilla, a drizzle of black locust honey, and a hint of ..
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ANGEL by Thierry Mugler Perfumed Body Lotion 7 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP462376
Not every perfume is as painstakingly created as this one. Only the best are created by experts in laboratories and tested over and over again until they are perfect. One such brand of perfume is Angel...
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Model: idx_FXP536632
This fragrance was created by the house of Anna Sui with perfumer Steve DeMercado and released in 2015. A fruity floral perfume for women that is fun loving with a romantic side to the blend. The top notes are Calabrian bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit and pomegranate...
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Model: idx_FXP545124
Apothéose de Rose by Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia, launched in 2012, delights the senses without overpowering them. A light and fresh bouquet of mandarin and pear effortlessly set the scene for a sensual and romantic dream that is soon showered with sweet, delicate rose petals. The excitement ..
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Model: idx_FXP466135
B was created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this luxe jeweler. A sumptuous composition of cedar from the Atlas Mountains, patchouli, osmanthus, apricot, spices, rose absolute and orange blossom evokes the many facets of a woman's personality...
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Model: idx_FXP465273
Italy is famous for the region of Calabria with its beautiful beaches and is located in southern Italy where the aroma of citrus wafts through the air. This is a Woody Citrus fragrance that feature top notes of bergamote and amalfi lemon. Heart notes beat with neroli and ginger; base notes are vetyv..
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Model: idx_FXP516681
Byredo Palermo is a vibrant women's fragrance featuring a hint of bergamot and bigarade combined with lemon, grapefruit and orange to create a strong citrus scent. The notes of bergamot add a calming sense of mint, while bigarade and grapefruit add a touch of bitterness to this product, created in 2..
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Model: idx_FXP516663
Ensure that you smell fresh all day by spritzing Catch Me L'eau from the French design house of Cacharel onto your pulse points. This delicious fragrance for women was created in 2014 and features notes of jasmine tea, mandarin, star anise and orange blossom. The sweet, spicy aromas blend with a war..
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Cheeky Alice by Vivienne Westwood Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP514196
Introduced in 2011 by Vivienne Westwood, Cheeky Alice is an intensely feminine fragrance that goes best with spring and summertime activities. This lily of the valley based scent has a heart of pink peony and antique rose that graduates into a woody and musky base. Cheeky Alice for women stays close..
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Model: idx_FXP544-P
Clive Christian creates some of the most expensive fragrances in the world. Each flacons bears Queen Victoria's royal crown. The fragrance was first formulated in 1872...
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Emozione Rosa Orientale by Salvatore Ferragamo Eau De Parfum Spray 3.1 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP541629
An array of lively notes come together in perfect harmony within Emozione Rosa Orientale. Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian designer, came out with this perfume in 2017. It can best be categorized as a leather fragrance, but it also has top notes of cardamom, orange blossom and saffron...
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Model: idx_FXP536643
This fragrance was created by the house of Yardley with perfumer Pierre Kurzenne and released in 2015. In classic Yardley style, this fragrance is a fantastic floral perfume with great fruit notes for freshness. This addicting blend of notes will offer you hours of enjoyment...
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Model: idx_FXP545340
Released by Ajmal in 2018, Evoke Gold is a bold yet feminine fragrance for women with a sense of adventure. A sweet and spicy blend of black currant, pink pepper and apple top notes open the fragrance, pulling you in with its unique scent. Floral heart notes of lily of the valley and peony soften th..
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FATH DE FATH by Jacques Fath Body Lotion 3.4 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP535582
Launched by the design house of Jacques Fath in 1995, Fath De Fath is classified as a sharp, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of sensual fruits, woods and spices. It is recommended for evening wear...
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Hollister Wave by Hollister Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP533448
There is a Hollister Wave for women and one for men, and the perfume for women contains a fruity, floral aroma that offers an intoxicatingly sweet scent. This perfume was only just released in 2016, but it is a great choice for young ladies. The top notes you are going to immediately recognize inclu..
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Model: idx_FXP537880
Illuminum Taif Rose, a part of the Illuminum brand created in 2011, is reminiscent of the Orient, a gentle floral fragrance that can be worn by both women and men. It is a fresh, long-lasting scent that is both spicy and woody. The fragrance starts with head notes of rose oil and geranium, moving on..
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Model: idx_FXP414209
Intrusion by Oscar De La Renta is a white floral citrus scent for women. It begins with the delectable top notes of mandarin orange, Sicilian bergamot, grapefruit, neroli, and star anise. The middle notes include gardenia, lily, peony, and water jasmine...
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Model: idx_FXP532813
This fragrance was created by the house of Houbigant with perfumers Mathieu Nardin and Robertet. It was released in 2014. A powdery floral bouquet with clean iris blend...
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Model: idx_FXP544269
Part of the four elements collection, Jovan Individuality Earth is a unisex fragrance released in 2000. Like the earth itself, the main element of the scent is grass. Soil tincture lends a richness reminiscent of a newly planted garden...
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Model: idx_FXP516463
Invigorate the senses with Levantium, a sweet and memorable scent for women released in 2014 by Penhaligon's that you can wear everywhere. This rich and aromatic fragrance refreshes with an opening of citrusy bergamot and nose-tempting artemisia. Hints of wormwood and saffron leave you feeling refre..
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Model: idx_FXP427023
In Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana, an impish note of green apple emanates from the latest creation of the most impertinent of Italian designers. Light Blue is not a lighter version despite its name: It sparkles with flowers and fruit notes that are an enticement to joie de vivre. The fragran..
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Model: idx_FXP545985
Live Irresistible Rosy Crush Perfume by Givenchy. This perfume was created by the house of Givenchy with perfumers Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal. It was released in 2019...
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Model: idx_FXP41826
Created in 1997, by Perfumer Annick Menardo, Lolita Lempicka perfume is one of the most innovative gourmand perfumes and is a stand out. This feminine Woody Oriental scent is a decadent and sensual treat for the nose, blending licorice and praline with bright green herbal notes. Cool spicy anise an..
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Model: idx_FXP540903
A fresh and floral fragrance, Maci Pour Femme is a feminine perfume created by Jean Rish. It is a perfect choice for young women and works well for any occasion. Lotus and magnolia top notes form the opening layer of the fragrance and transition subtly into heart notes of tuberose, pink cyclamen and..
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Model: idx_FXP501886
Love is in the air with Marry Me by the house of Lanvin. Released in August 2010, Marry Me intertwines top notes of orange blossom, freesia and passionate peach with lovely floral heart notes of jasmine, rose and magnolia. Mysterious base notes include musk, amber and Virginia cedar...
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Model: idx_FXP52113-P
This fragrance is was released in 2015. It is an addition to the Michael Kors Gold Collection of perfumes. A beautiful romantic oriental floral perfume for today's woman...
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Model: idx_FXP459226
The woody and powdery main accords of the floral fragrance Miss Boucheron, launched in 2007, combine to create a soft, feminine scent. It opens with surprising notes of pomegranate, pink pepper, and bergamot, followed by heart notes of cyclamen, violet, and rose which rest gently on base notes of wh..
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Model: idx_FXP518259
Light and luscious, Montale Chypre Vanille derives its trademark aroma from a skillful blend of Tibetan rock rose, vanilla, amber, incense and sandalwood notes. Just as appropriate for Sunday fun time as it is for the Wednesday work grind, this versatile fragrance from Montale pairs well with dressy..
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Model: idx_FXP544803
This fragrance was created by Us fashion designers Elizabeth and James Aka Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen together with perfumer Honorine Blanc. It was released in 2014. This beautiful perfume is a sweet floral bouquet with a warm embrace...
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Model: idx_FXP529590
Catch everybody’s attention as you Bang Bang into the Room with Nicki Minaj’s explosive new perfume, Onika! This seductive scent was released together with the Minajesty Exotic Edition as an addition to her first perfume, Pink Friday. It has a compelling fruity-floral mixture that the superstar ..
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Orangers En Fleurs by Houbigant Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP532814
This fragrance was created by the house of Houbigant with perfumer Jacques Flori and released in 2012. A scrumptious citrus floral perfume that transcends time. Definitely for those that love an orange scents, but this one is so rich, alluring and exciting...
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Model: idx_FXP40022122
Created by the design house of Paloma Picasso in 1984, Paloma Picasso is classified as a refined, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of many florals along with citrus, woods, and green...
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PAUL SMITH by Paul Smith Eau De Parfum Spray (Tester) 3.3 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP446940
Women looking for a beautifully rich aroma need to try Paul Smith perfume. This floral fragrance was released in 2000, and it has some wondrous top notes with mandarin, pink pepper, pear leaf, black currant, clementine and bergamot making up the primary scents. The heart contains rose, green tea, ge..
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Model: idx_FXPOZ51734
Pink Flower is a sweet, youthful scent that is especially appealing to younger wearers. Opening notes include raspberry, mandarin, sweet orange, and a hint of spicy black pepper. The middle of this lovely scent is a beautiful bouquet of rose, white flower, and jasmine sambac...
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Model: idx_FXP410007
Be sweet, yet still sexy, with Pink Sugar by Aquolina. Distinctive, this yummy scent is long lasting. Journey through childhood with this playful scent of vanilla and caramel...
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Reyane Black by Reyane Tradition Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP500703
Reyane Black is a sweet and feminine scent that was introduced by French perfume house Reyane Tradition. It is a romantic fragrance making it ideal for any occasion, day or night. The perfume opens with top notes that will capture your attention and includes tonka bean...
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Model: idx_FXP6576
Launched by the design house of Romeo Gigli in 1989, Romeo Gigli is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of crisp mandarin, mango, lime, rose, iris, orange blossom and sandalwood. It is recommended for daytime wear...
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Rumba Passion by Ted Lapidus Eau De Toilette Spray 3.33 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP492171
The vibrant scent of the women's fragrance Rumba Passion makes it a great choice for a girls' night out or a date night when you decide to go out dancing. Created by the fragrance design specialists at Ted Lapidus, this scent is definitely feminine and very lovely. The fragrance is based on floral n..
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Model: idx_FXP499679
This unique unisex fragrance was released in 2005. Not your average scent, it opens with cumin, lavender, lime, orange, rosemary, caraway, lemon, and tea leaf. The heart notes are geranium, hyacinth, jasmine, patchouli, rose and cedar wood...
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Model: idx_FXP483484
Introduced in the year 2008, the Scarlet Rain is available in a very attractive bottle and packaging that has a red finish. The bottle and the cover are red in color and they are stylishly separated by a shiny silver ring. It is made for the fashionable public by the Italian Company Mandarina Duck...
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Model: idx_FXP401722
Launched by the design house of Estee Lauder in 1991, Spellbound is classified as a refined, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of exotic spices, vanilla, amber, jasmine, and rose. It is recommended for evening wear...
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Model: idx_FXP536556
This unisex fragrance was released in 2016. An intense extremely romantic floral scent for both men and women. Like the name, this fragrance is a remarkable rose oud scent...
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Model: idx_FXP515181
The definition of the word visionary is someone who embraces bold ideas, and this fragrance is bold without being strident. Created by nose Marypierre Julien this is an aromatic scent that can easily be shared. Notes of caraway and geranium are blended in a scent that is meant to be noticed...
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Model: idx_FXP46O3
This fruity floral fragrance for women was created by perfumer Vincent Schaller. Top notes are pineapple, apple, red berries, lemon and bergamot. The heart is a floral bouquet of freesia, peony, lilac and Tiare, while base notes introduce sensual accords of vanilla, musk, cedar and sandalwood...
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Model: idx_FXP51O1
Trussardi My Name was created by the Trussardi design house in 2013 for alluring, confident women who aren't afraid to express their romantic sides. It features fresh and floral tones that capture the attention of everyone around, and its musky, powdery and vanilla base notes tantalize the senses an..
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Model: idx_FXP40335
In 2003 Givenchy introduced a terrifically feminine fragrance to the world - Very Irresistible. The team behind this incredible and truly irresistible floral fragrance includes Dominique Ropion, Sophie Labbe and Carlos Benaim. The fragrance includes five variations of roses, opening with fresh anise..
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Victoria's Secret Glamour by Victoria's Secret Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz for Women
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Model: idx_FXP511520
Indulge your fantasy of strutting the catwalk like a celebrity model by wearing Victoria’s Secret Glamour for women. This is an unexpected fruity floral perfume that combines lush mango and gardenia with steamy amber. Notes of steamy amber, sultry gardenia and exotic mango...
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Model: idx_FXP524641
This fragrance was created by the house of Vince Camuto with perfumer Laurent Le Guernec and released in 2013. A powdery warm floral perfume that is both delicate while still impactful. Elegant and easy going, this blend is very feminine and rewarding to wear...
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